Grandparents Day

Cornamaddy N.S. held its first ever Grandparents Day on Wed 31st January.  Thank you to all the Grandparents who attended.  The pupils from Mr Harte and Ms Naughton’s 5th and 6th classes gave them a great welcome, showed them around their classrooms and put on wonderful musical performance to finish.  Click on any photo below to start a slideshow.

Grandparents 16 Grandparents 17 Grandparents 1 Grandparents 2 Grandparents 3 Grandparents 4 Grandparents 5 Grandparents 6 Grandparents 7 Grandparents 8 Grandparents 9 Grandparents 10 Grandparents 11 Grandparents 12 Grandparents 13 Grandparents 14 Grandparents 15