Setanta Book Club

Here is the link to the Cornamaddy N.S. page on Setanta Book Clubs (Please read the instructions below and note the password required for the payment section).

Each book in the magazine has a 3-digit code (item no.) beside it. At the back of your magazine, the item number for each book is also listed.
Enter the desired 3-digit number in the Shop Search box (top left corner of the website) and press enter.  This will display the book that you want to purchase.
To purchase just click on “Add to Basket” – You can purchase as many books as you like.
When you are ready to pay, go to the Check-out section.

In the payment section, you will be asked for your own e-mail address, after this you will be asked for a password.  The current password is 515502.
You will then be asked for your child’s name and class.  All books ordered will be delivered to Cornamaddy School FREE of charge.

You need to order your books by Monday 2nd December 2013. After that date, I will confirm that all orders are in and request that the books be delivered to our school.