BoM Report June 2018

Board Members
Chairman: Stan Fallon

Patron’s Nominee: Fr Turlough Baxter

Principal: Aidan Barry

Teachers’ Nominee: Doron Harte
Parent Rep: Joe Connaughton

Parent Rep: Karen McMorrow

Community Rep: Cepta Brougham

Community Rep: Pat Fox


School Staff – 2018/19

For the school year 2018/19 we will have an Admin Principal, 10 mainstream class teachers, 7 Special Educational Needs Teachers, 2 SNA’s, a school secretary and cleaner. The Board of Management would like to acknowledge and thank all of our staff for their hard work and dedication to the school.


School Policies/Assessment

School Policies discussed and reviewed by the Board of Management during this year (2017/18) include:
Child Safeguarding, GDPR, Anti-Bullying, Special Educational Needs (SEN), School Outings and Enrolment & Admissions. All these school policies can be downloaded from our school website.

In June 2018 the Board ratified an updated SEN policy. Standardised Tests results from Literacy and Numeracy tests (May 2018) were presented to the BoM.  School Staff received training on Child Safeguarding in early May and The New Primary Language Curriculum in early November 2017.


Building Works / Improvements

Fundraising took place in Feb/Mar for a School Track which was completed in May.  Fire Safety works will take place in July/August 2018.  New IPads and Chromebooks were purchased using Dept of Education technology grants.


School Events

School activities this year included Active Week, Maths Fair, Modern Dance, Boys’ & Girls’ Gaelic Football, Swimming Classes, Basketball, Sports Day, Christmas Concerts, Trumpet and Tin Whistle classes.
Thank you to our Parents Association for all the wonderful work it does organising and supporting us during these and other events. Thank you to all the music, dance and sport instructors who worked with the children throughout the year


School Ethos

We are an inclusive Catholic National School. Catholic pupils were prepared for the Sacraments of Confirmation (28/04/18) and First Communion (21/04/18). The Diocesan Advisors visited all class in February 2017, reporting positively on religious instruction in all classes.   6th class pupils visited Longford Cathedral on 21st March.


Home/School Communication

Parent Teacher Meetings were held in November; Summer Reports were issued in June.  Our School Newsletter is published 5 times a year.  There is regular communication by phone and text. Our School Website contains news, policy documents, an up-to-date calendar and contact information.


Our School will reopen on
Thurs 30th August 2018